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November 5, 2023

Lysander Piano Trio

The Lysander Piano Trio, whose name is inspired by the character in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, was formed at The Juilliard School. Since their beginning, The group has developed a reputation for exciting programming, finding creative ways to connect well-known masterworks with pieces by lesser-known and underrepresented composers, discovering common threads across cultures and times.

The Lysander Piano Trio has been praised by The Strad for its “incredible ensemble, passionate playing, articulate and imaginative ideas and wide palette of colors” and by The Washington Post for “an uncommon degree of heart-on-the-sleeve emotional frankness.”  Their program brings together works by composers from distinct backgrounds, presenting their joint interest in the spiritual. The newest work on the program, James Lee III's "Temple Visions," is a musical commentary on scenes from the biblical book of Revelation. Battles in the heavens and on earth, distant galaxies, and a mourning city, are depicted brilliantly in this dramatic and captivating score.


RACHMANINOFF Trio élégiaque No. 1 in G Minor

JAMES LEE III Piano Trio No. 2, “Temple Visions”

BEETHOVEN Piano Trio in B Flat Major, Op. 97, “Archduke”

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