Educational Outreach

Chamber Music Wilmington works in partnership with cultural and educational organizations to support young artists, develop audiences and bring enriching programs to the community.

CMW hosts master classes for local middle and high school students, led by the stellar musicians prior to their Sunday concerts.  These classes are free to participate in and to attend thanks to grant support.

"I had two students participate in the master class with the Jasper String Quartet.  The work they did with the quartet was so beneficial. They worked on connection, musicality and nonverbal communication. By the end of the class, they truly sounded like a different quartet. Cohesive, more open and less inhibited. I also had a student who is 9 years old. I was amazed at how the violinist worked as easily with her as he did with the high school students. She was very nervous and he immediately put her at ease. The one key point they worked on (fluidity in her bow arm) improved dramatically. I hope to have students participate in these master classes for years to come.  Thank you Chamber Music Wilmington for this incredible opportunity."

- Anne Stohl, violinist and private violin instructor

In partnership with Wilmington’s public radio station, 91.3 WHQR, Pat Marriott presents live informative performances featuring interviews with artists and short samples of their upcoming concert program.



Community Spotlight

maria montanaro.jpg




Where are you from and what brought you to Wilmington?

My husband Dave Warner and I bought a second home in Wilmington so that we could be near our grandchildren. A familiar Wilmington story, from what I hear.  I retired when we moved here a year ago, in order to care for my grandchildren full time while their parents, both biology professors at UNCW, work.  It’s an exhausting daily delight. My husband is still working so he is back and forth to our home in Rhode Island.  I go back there each summer when the academic year ends.


How were you introduced to CMW?

My husband and I are long time classical music enthusiasts.  As a former cello player, I love string music, particularly chamber music.  We have spent many years attending events at Tanglewood in Massachusetts and local events in RI, including a fabulous string festival each summer (the Kingston String Festival).  We heard about CMW and started attending as soon as we moved to town. We met Barbara, she invited us to a salon, and we became involved with other CMW supporters in the neighborhood.


Why were you interested in joining the board?

I have sat on the boards of several arts organizations over the years, including Festival Ballet of Rhode Island and the Jamestown Arts Center-both in Rhode Island.  As the former CEO of a large nonprofit health care organization, I believe I have some skills to offer CMW and so I was happy to join when asked by Board President Beverley Dean.


What is your musical background?

I am the “music school dropout” of a very musical family.  I grew up surrounded by music.  My late mother was a classical concert pianist and music educator.  She was well known in Rhode Island for her brilliant musicianship and pioneering music education work with the Kodaly Institute of America.  My brother remains a preeminent jazz trombonist and music educator (also in Rhode Island).  He toured with the Buddy Rich band, the Artie Shaw band and has played locally with jazz legends such as the recently departed George Masso, and contemporary jazz artists in NY, Boston and RI.  He has had the opportunity to play with such greats at Wynton Marsalis, Harry Connick Jr, Aretha Franklin and many others when they toured locally in New England.  My younger sister is an accomplished amateur flutist.  I studied the cello and played a bit with my mother and in high school and college orchestras.  I have sung in choirs (mostly at church, but also in college and in civic chorales) my entire life.  I currently sing in the choir at First Presbyterian Church in Wilmington.


Why do you enjoy classical music?

I love many forms of music and I feel that live music is a wonderful and powerful experience. I love the complexity and artistry of classical music.  I deeply appreciate the demands it places on musicians in terms of performance.  I find the virtuosity of well performed classical music to be thrilling.  As someone who has studied strings and songs, I am drawn to the harmonies of classical music, and particularly identify with the tenor and alto voices of classical compositions.


Why do you think classical music is still relevant today?

I absolutely see the relevance and classical music today.  There is no better way for young people to learn about music and the playing of a musical instrument than through exposure to classical music.  No matter what genre a musician may adopt as his/her own in adulthood, there is no substitute for classical music training to learn about the theory and composition of music.  Most of us who study music will only participate as recreational musicians or as appreciative audience members.  But any time spent listening to or learning classical music helps an aspiring musician or a music fan appreciate the many other genres of music.  I love many genres including folk, bluegrass, jazz, Celtic, and music from other countries, particularly Latin American countries such as Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina.  Classical music is not all old, either- it continues to evolve and I love listening to the classically styled works of modern composers.


Who are some of your favorite composers?

Well, anyone who loves the cello loves Elgar, and he is one of my favorites.  But I also love Mozart, Bach, Liszt and Shubert.  I also love some modern (or near modern) classical composers- Gorecki, Copeland, Carter, Zimmer and Hindermith to name a few. 


What would you like to see for CMW moving forward over, say, the next five years?

I think at this time of transition for CMW the most important thing is for it to retain the absolute excellence of its concert series.  That is its foremost mission.  I would also like to see CMW collaborate more with local artists and local arts groups that are dedicated to inspiring audiences and musicians through classical music, particularly chamber music.  I would love to see CMW expand its audience base and reach more people, perhaps in settings beyond the concert series- in schools, in collaboration with other musical groups, and maybe through collaboration with other local music or arts festivals. We might also want to sponsor a group trip to other festivals for our supporters who would like to go together to hear music at another chamber music festival in our off season (like the summer).


Anything else you would like to mention?

I am delighted to find concert offerings of such excellence as CMW’s season here in Wilmington.  It makes me very happy that my second home is in an area that has a vibrant music scene-CMW certainly stands out as a star in that array.